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FANOX is a reputed manufacturer of industrial electronic products specialising in modern motor protection and control systems.

From the early beginnings of the company its main goal has been to establish and maintain the highest level of customer service and satisfaction, offering an excellent quality product at extremely competitive prices.

To this end a high percentage of the yearly budget at FANOX is invested in an R+D department, developing relays incorporating state of art technology.

FANOX Quality Management System its certify according to standard ISO 9001:2000.

FANOX comply with applicable international standards, carry the CE mark and they are approved by the UL (Underwriters Laboratories)of the USA, c-UL for  Canada and PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) for EEx e motors.

FANOX also personalizes its products for other manufacturers: Brand Labelling.

FANOX commercial network covers all five continents, therefore worldwide supply is guaranteed.


Fanox presents their wide range of electronic protection, control and measuring relays for industrial applications. Complementary functions have been incorporated in their design to provide a comprehensive solution built into a single unit. 

We are leaders in industrial motor electronic protection. On a daily basis, our relays protect all types of industrial motors. Our models for explosive atmosphere protection have been approved by PTB (Germany).

This range consists of generator protection and control relays, voltage monitoring relays, phase and frequency and temperature control relays, earth fault relays, timers, motor protection relays network analysers.

Fanox also offers a medium voltage range wich includes a self powered protection system (SIA) and a line protection system (SIL).

Fanox also designs, develops and produces special industrial electronic products to meet the customers requirements, contributing with their wide experience in communication, digitalisation, protection and control.


Many protection and control systems are used in industry. Often applications require various items of equipment to supervise correct operation.

Aware of this, FANOX has focused the design of a significant part of their products on specific applications, equipping them with complementary functions which offer a complete protection and control solution in a single unit.

All of this is the result of the investigation into the market requirements for specific applications and use of internal skills and knowledge to develop a practical and economic solution.

Our wide experience in communication, digitalisation, protection and control materials has allowed us to create an extensive range of applications ranging from a simple voltage control relay, through a complete renge of electronic protection for motors, to sophisticated cell protection and control systems for electric substations.

This section details some of the characteristics applications of our products involving the integration of various functions in a single unit.

These applications are:

• Motor protection.
• Pump protection.
• Generator protection.
• Lift protection.
• Medium voltage protection.
• Customized electronic products.